"Rejected sons of the ancient gods
Abandoned in the void of creation
Without a place to go back
we wander from place to place
to get what they denied us
and seek vengeance"

Munoi-Ana-Inen (the nameless horde)

Welcome, oh wanderer, in the land of the Munoi-Ana-Inen (read Munoi-Ana-Inen), the Nameless Horde. This is a place of darkness. And fear. A place where we will meet the shadowy creatures that dwells the Astral Void. But beware, traveller, this is a place without hope, where only the fittest survives, and if you are too weak you'll end being food for the stronger: here you'll meet those that are referred to as "the Cursed", "the Fearsome Ones", "the Shadow Dwellers", or, more commonly, as "Deamons".

If you are prepared to begin with journey, then let's start.

The beginning

Everything started when I decided to write a fantasy novel set nowadays. The main character was an half deamon. But in those days I didn't know exactly what a deamon was. So I started researching. And it took a lot of time and effort but in the end I managed to find some interesting pieces of informations, but it was somehow different from what I expected and needed. So I started this myth and now I want to share it with everybody.

So, what is Munoi-Ana-Inen (read Munoi-Ana-Inen)? First of all I'll explain the name: the first part, Munoi (Munoi) is a word that can mean "community", "ethnicity" and can also be translated, using a more general term, as "people". The second part is composed of the thow words Ana (ana) "without" and Inen (inen) "Name" and means literally "Without Name" or "Nameless".

If you want to find more informations, try to visit the following pages:

  • For informations about how I envision deamons, visit "Introduction"
  • For informations about the world where they live in, visit "cosmology"
  • For informations about their society, visit "Society"
  • I've also some interesting links to visit in the page: "Contacts"

If you are interested in the novels, I'll put them online as long as they are ready. You can check them at the page Novels, or, if you are interested in publishing some of your works on my site, please contact me!

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