It's always the same: when something mayor is going to happen in the world's history, nobody seems capable to notice it. In 1942 World War 2 broke out in Europe, but signs of what would happen could be seen since 1933, however nobody seemed to norice. Or perhaps they didn't care. Well, that day on the space colony of Lidulian it was the same.

Erik was on the porch as usual, looking at the sunset on the purple alien forest. Nothing he knew about the importance of that day in the future's history of mankind. All he new is that a strange stench was slowly filling the air, perhaps a broken chimney. But he just ended his turn in the factory so he couldn't care the less.

At the same time, °ad-Mi-Fyel was crawling on the roof of the human consturction, looking down to that little, soft creature, anticipating the taste of his tender flesh.

The sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon. For Erik it was the time to go inside and have dinner with his wife. But °ad-Mi-Fyel was hungry and decided to attack even if it the night hadn't fallen yet. As his name implies, he was fast as a lightning. In an istant he was before his victim, and, with a fast-move he sliced his throat. But not too deep. He wanted to taste the fear of the agonizing creature while the pitful being was realising his imminent death.

Erik was shocked. He had no time to realise what was happening, and he already was already lying in a pool of his own blood. While his coscience was fading he could see the creature looming over him grinning evilly. With the little strength he had left, he could extracted his stun gun and fired in the direction of his enemy as many and many times.

°ad-Mi-Fyel was rash and unwise and understimated his prey. However thas time he was also lucky, because the puny weapon of the human he was not able to affect him. He smirked to the poor thing to let him know that it was a futile attempt. He neared his face to the victim's, so he would be able to hear his last breath. And that was his second mistake.

From inside the Erik's house a lightning come followed by a loud rumble. The wife of the man using an old rifle fired the creature in the head, killing it instantly. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to save her housband's life. Not that thas would really have mattered. They were just the first two victims of that fatefull night when the world was about to change. The entire colony of Lidulian was about to be wiped out by the fearsome Munoi-Ana-Inen, and none would be left alive but one little girl. But this is another story and you'd be told it elsewhere.

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