The World of Munoi-Ana-Inen

All the stories I've written are set in the multiverse of Huila-Sida(read: HuIli-Sida). In it you can find a variety of different worlds: some are similar to our own, other are really different. A war is fought there between the Munoi-Ana-Inen (the Nameless Horde) and the misterious Edi(read: Edi), "the chosen ones".

In those worlds you can find both familiar and aline things. Expecially in the novel "Munoi-Ana-Inen" I'll make you travel to a planet Earth in the future. Technology has improved a lot, but the social problems have also become deeper.

But I'll lead you to the primitive world of Ghea too. Its inhabitants are very primitive and seems almost defenseless against the Nameless Horde. And it's known that a lot of other worlds exists. Each different from the other. Because HuIli-Sida is a multiverse made of parallel dimensions, and each of them has its own rule in the multiverse.

Here we will met different stages of mankind, but also other creatures that fights by themselves the invaders that want to destroy their world: the Deamons.

But those deamons are different from the ones of the legends. In fact, deamons are supposed to be spiritual being. But in Munoi-Ana-Inen, they possess also a physical body. But it's different from the normal physical body. In fact all living beings have both a physical body that traps inside a spiritual part called soul. But deamons are different. Their body and soul are fused together in a strange harmony. That way they can both travel in the Astral Void and live in the material plane.

Another important difference is that demons feed on the energy generated by human emotions. Let me be clear, they don't eat emotions themselves. The fact is that when a human being feel an emotion he will emit an energy field around him. Somebody calls that field "aura". If you pay attention, animals can perceive that field. Expecially the field generated by fear. Well, deamons can feed on it.

In fact they can eat every kind of feeling. But some of them are difficult to obtain. So they have specialized in those feelings that are easy to obtain, such as lust, fear, greed, selfishness, not caring about the most difficult love, compassion, friengship, courage. Perhaps this is why they have become wicked. Or, perhaps, thare's something more. Perhaps their songs can reveal something to us that we still cannot understand.

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