I'm born in Trieste in 1973, the 3rd of September. I studied Computer Science at the University, but I didn't liked the way of teaching, so I dropped out. Still I'm very proud of my knowledge and ability to write applications that can solve problems.

My formation is scientific, but I belive that not all things can be explained. I like the fantasy genere and sci-fiction too. My preferred authors are J.R.R.Tolkien, Isaac Asimov and H. P. Lovecraft.

My hobbies are mainly related gaming. I expecially like Role Playing Games and I spend a day per week playing Dungeon&Dragons 3.5 with my friends, but I like better Rolemaster. Right now I'm writing my own rules for a game that I'm going to call "Space Traverllers 3030".

My dream is to write my own videogame based on my own RPG rules and an AI system that generates consistent quests for a long lasting playing experience.

It was my love for RPGs that brough me to discover deamons. I liked the idea of a character that was not from Earth, but somehow was similar to an human being. The word alien is accurate, indeed. And in fact I researched the alien entities in all the RPGs. Eventually I came across with Deamons, and I liked them. So I read a lot on them and I discovered many interesting things and I decided to write a book that involved them.

Munoi-Ana-Inen is my second project. The first one was called "The Knight of Dawn" and was never actually completed. I also wrote a SCI-FI novel called "L'ultimo nemico" (translates as "The Last Enemy") that was published in a local paper. I'll eventually translate it and publish it as well.

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