This site can host works from people other then myself. I permit to other authors to publish their work on this space for free, if they want. There're just a few rules to follow.

  • First of all this site will publish only novels and images
  • I will publish the material you send ONLY if you hold the copyrights; it must be provided with the authorization to publish it;
  • Published material is considered free, but you can ask me to add a donation button to your pages;
  • You can require to remove your material from my pages at anytime;
  • I will not publish work that are absolutely against my ideology (i.e. no works that incites pedophily or rape or discrimination)
  • Novels will be published in HTML, and will not be rendered through activeX or Java applets
  • The works must be somehow related with the theme of this pages: Deamons; or at least be an horror story;
  • All work must be original and fictional;
  • If you are interested, mail me to discuss the details

The authors that have their works hosted here are:

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