In the beginning there was only Hu(nothingness), an unlimited emptiness without shape nor time. It happened that from Hu some things were born. Later on, this children where referred to as Zei(gods), because they started creating their own unique worlds.

But the worlds were created inside Hu, and he start feeling them as parassites in his very own body. It was then that he took the name Hu-Ru-Ne(The Nothingness who creates) and start plotting against his own progeny.

Some legends says that then he created the Lakra (The Cursed Ones, but it is also a synonim of deamon) in order to destroy those worlds. Other legends says that Lakra (The Cursed One, it's the name of the king) was the king of a group of children of Hu-Ru-Ne whose powers were too little to build their own creations. The darker legends told that Lakra come from another timeless space. Nobody truely knows.

What's certain is that Hu-Ru-Ne sent the Lakra to destroy all the worlds created by the Zei. The first battle was fierce and many of the weak recently created worlds met their fate and were destroyed. Some others were corrupted to such an extent that the recovery was impossible and they thus were abandoned by their creators.

One world called Ae survived, but was heavily damaged, and many of the creatures who lived in it were corrupted. Nonetheless the Zeo who created it decided to repair it and build a inexpugnable fortification around it. So he though and though and in the end he found a solution. He build a multiverse around Ae: a layered pack of dimensional planes and called it HuIli-Sida (Path from Nothingness to Fulfillment).

He shaped this multiverse as a root, with the center in Ae, and, in every bent or ramification he placed a dimensional plane, or Uniłe.

For each of them Zeo chose among the uncorrupted souls of Ae (the ones called Edi), one Hasho (ruler) and gave them the task to build worlds where the corrupted souls were imprisoned into physical bodies in order to purify them through physical pain. And then placed, in the most periferic worlds the most corrupted souls, while the nearest ones were destinated to the less corrupted. It's also interesting to know that in the most periferic worlds the being are also less developed, while in the worlds near Ae exists the most evolute ones.

Those who were purified through pain and good will, when the physical body dies, could rise to an higher level world and reach Ae when they were completely purified; those who were corrupted by sins are demoted to a lower level world.

When the Lakra knew about the building of HuIli-Sida they sent a group to attacking it. But those immediatly discovered that, without a physical body they wouldn't be able to damage the Uniłe. They initially started possessing the lower being. But this made difficult to take control of the world itself, becouse the creatures were frail and their lives were short. And they couldn't travel to the next world while wearing that body.

After some time they decided to build a material body who could witstand a dimensional travel. Around the same period somebody started to call them Munoi-Ana-Inen, The Nameless Horde

In the multiverse of Hu-Ili-Sida

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