As I said earlier in this site, Munoi-Ana-Inen (The Nameless Horde) is the name of a group of deamons. In the tradition deamons are spiritual beings who can possess the bodies of mortals forcing them to act as the deamon wants. Nonetheless deamons are always seen as evil huge umanoids with horns and, sometimes, bat wings.

The deamons of Munoi-Ana-Inen are inspired to those deamons. They are evil creatures that came to destroy the multiverse, but cannot possess people, or, at least, most of them traded this ability for a physical body.

But how did they obtained a physical body? That's an interesting question. In fact they started possessing less evoluted creature who inabits the peripheral worlds of HuIli-Sida, and then used complex rituals to mate with other similar creatures. The ritual was aimed to transfer the soul of the parent binding inside the body of the child.

This process gave bird to some strange creature, somehow different from their parents. More intelligent, stronger, more evolute and with a better affinity with magic. A simple example is about dinosaurs. Mating a dinosaur with a demon resulted in the creation of a creature called dragon.

After a first wave of mating throug rituals the deamons were finally able to conquer and rule over Uniłe

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