News about the site dedicated to Munoi-Ana-Inen.

09/04/2010 17:47:25Translations!(0)
Now I applied the function to translate the worlds in Ancient Language when you hover the mouse pointer over there. And also try the Introduction section.

20/03/2010 05:17:26Some corrections(0)
After a long revision of all the pages and the site maps, in the end I managed to put online something about Munoi-Ana-Inen. But some other typing is required before this can be considered finished.

10/03/2010 02:28:18New Stylesheet(0)
New colours for my site. Please go add a comment to say what do you think about them.

04/03/2010 18:53:26Downloads(0)
Added a new section for Downloads where you'll find verious items related to Munoi-Ana-Inen. The first item posted is the alphabet used by the Nameless Horde (and it could be required also to view some pages in this site).

25/02/2010 22:37:22Added settings and Fixed some bugs on comments (0)
After fixing a certain number of bugs in the "Comments" sections and added the "Settings" and "Contacts" sections I feel really relived and can rest.
I hope you'll enjoy my

23/02/2010 18:11:13New news manager(0)
Now news are generated using ASP. This will permit you to add your own comments to the news posted.

22/02/2010 21:49:21RSS Feed available(0)
Today I added a news feed (RSS) system. This way you'll be able to follow the developements

18/02/2010 18:39:21Site reopening(0)
With today the site is officially reopened to public after a long wait.
First of all I must say with regreat that it will not be implementing WPAR 2.5 as I anticipated, but it will use a somehow rougher system based on XML. I hope that futur
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