The society of Munoi-Ana-Inen

The main occupation of the "Lakra"("The Cursed Ones", the way the members of Munoi-Ana-Inen are called) is to fight, conquer and plunder. This is why warriors are considered the core of their society, while the might is the fundamental virtue. to strengthen the population frequent fights are required. The social structure is therefore designed to bring normal people to fight.

The population is divided into clans. Each clan is made up of several families linked to the head of the clan. They are usually his children or grandchildren.

In clans hierarchy is very rigid. The head has absolute power among all other members. He can get everything from them, he can eat their food and mate with their brides. He can decide the destiny of each and every child and adult in the clan and nobody can rebel.
After the Head we'll find the warriors. They also can do wathever they want to all the people below them with some important exceptions.
One exception is the "Jole"(master of ceremonies and keeper of the knowledge of the clan). His role is somehow special, therefore nobody dares to order him. Sometimes his word is strong enough to make the head change his mind.
Hagui are considered inferior to the Jole, but, nonetheless, no warrior will ever dare confront them.
The "Eber"(mother or great mother) is the most important female figure in the clan. She can command all the scouts and sometimes even the warriors.
Virgins or "Edelin" are precious goods for the clan itself. They are waiting to become brides. Furthermore, nobody (except the head himself) will ever dare defile them.
Above the Edelin we will find the souts, called "Nishi"(elusive). In the male hierarchy they are the last step.
All female are ranked below the Scouts. Each man in the clan should have the right to command them. But it rarely happens because of the respect dued to their husbands.
In the last place in the ranking of the clan you'll find slaves. They are considered expendable goods, furthermore they are treated really badly. Again, nobody will ever damage the slave owned by somebody ranked above himself/herself.
Among the slaves we will find the so called "Asuo"(outcast). They are male badly wounded in battle or malformed and unmarried female who had lost their virginity. Both of them are considered useless, and they can be cast out from the clan (which means almost certain death) or be kept as slaves.

Newborn males are soon enough trained to become warriors, while females are educated to become wives and good mothers.

When males are old enough to fight they have to prove themselves in the battlefield or in the arena in order to be appointed as warriors. If they fail (and survive) they will become scouts with great shame for their parents. If they succeed they will become full fledged warriors and then they will be permitted to chose a bride from another clan.

Females instead work as nannies for the family until they are given in marriage to another clan. If they find a worth groom and bear strong children, they'll increase the prestige of their families. This is the greatest honor that a woman can aspire to.

A significant exception is the male and female gifted in magic; they can become "Hagui"(the world means "Danger" but it is used to point out a magician). Hagui doesn't bring honor to their clan, but they are feared, and so is a clan that can count some of them among its members.

Usually there're no people outside clans. Male "Asuo"(outcast) tend to die quickly, while female can only be prostitutes, and their life will be really short too. If Asuo are lucky enough they will be enslaved by some clan and have a chance to prove themselves there.

It doesn't really matter how low you are ranked in society. If you can prove yourself as warrior then you can climb all hierarchy 'till the top. Even if you are initially a slave you can became an "Ath"(King, the head of Munoi-Ana-Inen), as long as you are strong enough to defeat all those who are on your way. Even a female can become a warrior (this happened rarely in the past and is something so rare that it is remembered among the people of her clan).

But becoming "head of the family" is usually the most coveted position. In order to becoeme the Head of the family you have only few choices. First you can defeat the current head of the family. Nobody will complain. Second, if the Ath (the king) recognize your worth he can permit you to form your own family. Third (and really rare occurrence), the head of the family will recognize your worth and permit you to form your own family (if you are strong they will give you more ranking in their family instead unless they fear that you are after their head).

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